Directed by Dr. Robert LiKamWa (Curriculum Vitae), Meteor Studio is an engineering research laboratory that studies software and hardware systems for augmented reality and virtual reality, including:

Operating systems and sensor interfaces for visual sensing

Systems for augmented senses in AR/VR (e.g., feel, sound, smell)

Mixed reality content development frameworks

Meteor Studio sits across the School of Arts, Media & Engineering and the School of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering at Arizona State University. Our lab is in the Stauffer building on ASU's Tempe campus.

We're always recruiting talented undergraduate and graduate students in Electrical Engineering; Computer Engineering; and Media, Arts, and Sciences. Send an email to likamwa@asu.edu with your CV/resume if you're interested in joining the lab!



Meteor Studio is grateful to have received funding, devices, and software licenses from the following organizations.