Mars Orbital Spectroscopy Viewer (LPSC '19)
An immersive view of spectral data from the CRISM instrument on the Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter amidst photogrammetric ground data captured via rover
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Directed by Dr. Robert LiKamWa (Curriculum Vitae), Meteor Studio is a engineering research laboratory that focuses on mobile software and hardware systems for sensing and actuation for computer vision, augmented reality, and other modern and future use cases. Although mobile devices already incorporate diverse sensors, we face research challenges in efficiently sensing, processing, and acting on data on mobile comptuer systems.

Meteor Studio sits across the School of Arts, Media & Engineering and the School of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering at Arizona State University. Our lab is in the Stauffer building on ASU's Tempe campus. As such, our research is built on Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, and Machine Learning.

We're always recruiting talented undergraduate and graduate students in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Media, Arts, and Sciences. Send an email to with your CV/resume if you're interested in joining the lab!



Meteor Studio is grateful for support from the National Science Foundation and Samsung Mobile Processor Innovation Lab. We also thank Microsemi, NVIDIA, and Xilinx for their graciously donated devices and software licenses.