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Directed by Dr. Robert LiKamWa (Curriculum Vitae), Meteor Studio is an engineering research laboratory that studies software and hardware systems for augmented reality and virtual reality, including:

  1. Operating systems and sensor interfaces for visual sensing
  2. Systems for augmented senses in AR/VR (e.g., feel, sound, smell)
  3. Mixed reality content development frameworks

Meteor Studio sits across the School of Arts, Media & Engineering and the School of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering at Arizona State University. Our lab is in the Stauffer building on ASU's Tempe campus.

We're always recruiting talented undergraduate and graduate students in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Media, Arts, and Sciences. Send an email to with your CV/resume if you're interested in joining the lab!



Meteor Studio is grateful to have received funding, devices, and software licenses from the following organizations.