GLEAM: Real-time Illumination Estimation (MobiSys '19)
AR software framework that estimates environment's lighting condition and relights virtual scene for real-time photorealism in AR
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  • 2020-04: Meteor doctoral student Jinhan Hu published "Sensor-realistic Synthetic Data Engine for Multi-frame High Dynamic Range Photography" at IEEE CVPR NTIRE 2020 in collaboration with Samsung Mobile Processor Innovation Lab, selected for oral presentation
  • 2020-03: Dr. Robert LiKamWa awarded Top 5% Teaching Award in ASU Fulton Schools of Engineering
  • 2020-02: Google Faculty Research Award granted for augmented reality research
  • 2020-02: NSF CAREER grant awarded for "Rhythmic Pixel Region Interface Systems for Efficient, Performant, and Precise Augmented Reality" ($450K)
  • 2020-01: NSF grant awarded for REU Site "Computational Imaging and Mixed-Reality for Visual Media Creation and Visualization"
  • 2019-11: ASU/Mayo Seed Grant Program awards funding to "VR SCENT: VR Smell Composition Engine to assess Neurological Trauma", collaborative project with Meteor Studio and Dr. Christy Spackman, Dr. Brian Smith, and Dr. Rick Gerkin
  • 2019-10: Doctoral students Venkatesh Kodukula and Frank Liu awarded with 2019-2020 Herbold ASU Engineering Scholarships
  • 2019-09: NSF Cyber-Physical Systems grant awarded for "Real-time Spatial Audio from the Internet of Things" ($500K)
  • 2019-07: NSF Cyberlearning grant awarded for"Augmented Fluidity: Haptic vessels for online education of chemistry and fluid concepts in VR and augmented reality" ($750K)
  • 2019-07: NSF SHF Small grant awarded for "Software-Defined Imaging for Energy-Efficient Visual Computing" ($500K)
  • 2019-06: SWISH accepted to ACM UIST '19 [Acceptance Rate: 24%]
  • 2019-04: Dr. Robert LiKamWa awarded Top 5% Teaching Award in ASU Fulton Schools of Engineering


Directed by Dr. Robert LiKamWa (Curriculum Vitae), Meteor Studio is an engineering research laboratory that focuses on mobile software and hardware systems for sensing and actuation for computer vision, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other modern and future use cases. Although mobile devices already incorporate diverse sensors, we face research challenges in efficiently sensing, processing, and acting on data on mobile computer systems.

Meteor Studio sits across the School of Arts, Media & Engineering and the School of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering at Arizona State University. Our lab is in the Stauffer building on ASU's Tempe campus. As such, our research is built on Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, and Machine Learning.

We're always recruiting talented undergraduate and graduate students in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Media, Arts, and Sciences. Send an email to with your CV/resume if you're interested in joining the lab!


Meteor Studio is grateful to have received funding, donated devices, and software licenses from the following organizations.