Planetary Parfait

Previously Known as JMARS XR

Immersively explore extraterrestrial terrains through augmented and virtual reality.
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For instructions on how to prepare custom data, please see our Tutorial Page.

Brought to you by Meteor Studio and ASU's Mars Space Flight Facility JMARS

Director: Dr. Robert LiKamWa   Project Lead: Lauren Gold

Developers: Alexandra Barrett, Carlos Encinas Guerrero, Anthony Delphy, Orion Dobos, Joshua Hula, Olivia Wang

Studying layers of orbital and drone-based remote sensing data allows scientists to understand the geologic history of planets. Such data provide geological context, but limitations of existing 3D visualization tools force domain experts to resort to older 2D tools that do not effectively support collaborative visual analysis. To explore the integration of collaborative 3D visualization into scientific workflows, we developed Planetary Parfait – a visualization system for interactively accessing planetary datasets to allow collocated and remote users to collaborate across VR, AR, and desktop platforms.

Presented at AGU 2022